The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cryptoverse

We know…, the Cryptoverse is big, very, very big… it can overwhelm you, make you feel very small, and that doesn't only happen to beginners, but to those of us who have been in this for years. The pace is frenetic, never in the history of humanity has so much human capital been brought together with financial capital to create such a disruption.

So we have set to work to offer you a guide that can help you on your journey… no, we will not take you to the end, but you can get on our Intergalactic Delorian to start your journey through time… have a vision of the future and return to the present to apply it and take one more step in your financial freedom.

back-future flying delorean | A Pilgrim in Narnia

How are we going to guide you?

The first thing ... you have to change your attitude ...

If you haven't yet, we recommend that you read "Principles" by Ray Dalio. You can find it in any bookstore, even in ebook format. But if you're impatient, here is a summary video (it lasts half an hour, but it's worth it) of the most philosophical part of the book:

The second ... beToken my Friend, paraphrasing the great Bruce Lee who said "be water my friend" ... you have to flow, adapt, and that's exactly what in these times so convulsive with epidemics, inflation, technology, climate change and even war, we should be doing: adapt, flow like water ... beToken my Friend and empty your mind to fill it with new concepts and opportunities. Don't miss the greatest financial revolution in human history.

The third thing, you are going to read, to read a lot ... we do not offer you financial advice, if not news selected to be up to date and knowledge, a lot of knowledge. The Crytpoverse is not just a financial revolution, it is also a socio-cultural paradigm shift and, why not, business. A whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Said and done, we hope you've already become a Tokener ...

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Don’t panic!

If you are just starting out in the Cryptoverse, Don’t Panic is your section (and if you like the photo, buy the Space Moksha notebook: “Space Astronaut Zen Yoga Meditation”).

In it you will find basic information for beginners, tutorials, tips... everything you need to start gradually in this complex but exciting world, we recommend that you have patience, and even if you don't understand anything at first, take your time to learn... and little by little you will find your way through the cryptoverse.

Keep Calm and Learn – Ashita.Design

This section is hybrid, some paid content, some content sponsored by brands, Exchanges or Protocols that want to help us by providing quality content.

Fasten your seatbelt, we're going to take off! Here is a summary of what has been published in recent months:

beToken my Friend EN
Keep calm, Don't Panic!
If you are starting in the Cryptoverse, Don’t Panic is your section… Here you will find basic information for beginners, tutorials, tips… everything you need to gradually start in this complex but exciting world. We recommend you to be patient, and even if you don’t understand anything at first, take you…
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42, Knowledge will make you be free

Reaching Knowledge is not easy, it requires a lot of effort, a lot of training of the mind (and of the body to support it, we always recommend Meditation and physical exercise as one of the ways of success).

We know that the answer to all questions is not always direct, it is not always simple or intuitive… we don't like to give advice, we like to show you the way and walk it yourself.

The answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything (and that includes Bitcoin and cryptos in general) is…. 42.

Do not expect us to solve your life ... do not expect that everything we tell you makes sense ... but certainly expect quality content, content that makes you think, reflect, and learn to manage your capital in the Cryptoverse in a more efficient way. Don't miss the great revolution ...

What are you going to find in section 42? There it goes ... in no logical order:

  • Technical and on-chain analysis of the main cryptos

  • Reports of L0 / L1 protocols and their ecosystem

  • Reports of emerging protocols, Games, collections of NFTs, the Metaverse ...

  • Selected Airdrops

  • Lending, farming, liquidity and staking strategies

  • Interesting derivatives

  • Arbitration opportunities (from time to time)

  • Crypto portfolio diversification strategies

  • Resources and calendar of events

  • Weekly rankings of everything: Social, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, L1s ...

and more that occurs to us and that we think that this information can generate value for you...

This section is paid (you have to value the time of the experts)!

And here we put a summary of everything we have published in recent months:

beToken my Friend EN
42, don't miss anything
Tokeners, the answer to all questions is not always simple, that’s why our team of experts analyze the cryptoverse from all points of view, technical and fundamnetal, so that you can follow your own path. Here we provide you with a guide to what is published in this section. In case you have missed it or if you simply want to re-read it, you can easily f…
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Investing in the Future of Finance

The promoter of the “beToken my Friend” Newsletter is beToken Capital, a company made up of a team of experts in venture capital, financial markets and cryptocurrencies with the aim of contributing to the democratization of finance by promoting people's financial education.

At beToken Capital we do Research and sometimes Consulting when we like the project... In any case, we are always analyzing protocols in depth, investment strategies and the state of the art in the different verticals of the Cryptoverse: Bitcoin - Ethereum - Layer 0 / 1's - DeFi - GameFi - MetaFi - NFTs - Decentralized Art - Decentralized Law - Metaverse - DAOs.

Of course, we leverage Knowledge to invest, generally in Venture or Early-stage token mode, in the protocols that most convince us.

However, the Newsletter, beToken my Friend, acts as an independent entity giving voice (and speaker) to the different actors of the ecosystem. In fact, we are assembling a Genesis Team (we are not alone in our endeavor to guide you through the Cryptoverse) to turn it into a DAO and let it fly alone… you can expect an airdrop 🧑‍🌾🧑‍🌾🧑‍🌾 of a Token shortly or a collection of NFTs (the Hitchhikers of the Cryptoverse) or both for the first ones to participate, whether writing or reading or interacting on social networks.

To learn more about DAOs:

beToken my Friend EN
DAOs, what are they and why should you care?
by Jesus Fernandez of beToken Capital Research This is one of the most complex posts that can be written, a priori it seems simple, an autonomous and decentralized organization, but the implications of DAOs are enormous: from taking democracy to the extreme by implementing new digital nations to an effective way of organizing companies or resist censorsh…
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